Two of the founders of ReWrite Everything (Re) met in the summer of 2017 at the Maxwell Street Market in Chicago. Dan was setup at the market vending with his business Camo Taylor when Chris came upon their stand and took a liking to Dan’s artwork. Dan’s painting of the current President caught Chris’s attention. The two talked about the painting and Chris, who had recently started graphic designing to make pin back buttons, asked Dan to collaborate on a series of buttons featuring Dan’s paintings. From that the interaction grew a partnership that quickly became a friendship as the two found that they shared many interests. Soon after, Dan introduced his brother Andrew and Chris to each other and the three decided to enterprise together as a way to collectively be able to accomplish more.

Over the next year the group would routinely meet to strategize and socialize as they helped each other with their separate business ventures. In the spring of 2018, Chris received a job offer from an upstart fresh foods market to be their Market Manager. He accepted the year long contracted position and immediately took this opportunity to extend an offer to Dan to join the new organization. The business initially showed a lot of promise in the way of becoming an organization that would be active in helping under supported communities in the Chicagoland area get access to fresh fruits and vegetables. After six arduous months of being understaffed, having to make poorly planed 6am inventory runs to wholesalers and random pop up markets around Chicagoland. Dan asked Andrew to join the organization as a “volunteer” so the group could do as they had done before and work together on issues so they could accomplish more. The next six months flew by as the group not only conquered the challenges of the prior six months but began to improve on the business and lead it to reach new goals and achievements. At the end of the year long contract with the fresh market the group was happy to part ways and take the lessons learned to their own enterprises.

Rewrite Everything was conceived in the few months immediately after the group parted ways with the fresh market. From Chris’s mind came the idea to create a branded company that could be focused on community service and would have an open structure that could grow to meet the needs of the community.

The idea for the name ReWrite Everything in part comes from two tenets:

  1. In grammar “re” is used to modify words and to me it means change. We want to change the way things are being done to us and to our community.
  2. The quote “History is written by the victors” played in my mind with Jay Rock’s song “WIN”. Winston Churchill was flexing his truth in that quote but Jay Rock let us know that WE are the real winners. So if they have “wrote” history then we will ReWrite Everything!
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